Jun. 7th, 2017

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Yes, this one is a bit autobiographical again. You may guess which character I am :D

June, 7th – Totem Pole )
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Yeah, so, see subject line :D. - After non-tragically breaking up with Katy, Orlando has been single. More importantly, he hasn't gotten laid. Not good. So, I'm taking suggestions as to whom he might meet if he happens to be... actually, I'm also taking suggestions as to where Orlando should pick up someone shag-worthy :D. Bar in York? Pony? Tinder :)? Feel free to suggest as many people of both genders (Orlando is bi) as well as locations.

I'm screening the comments for this one, so you can be surprised later on :D.

Help Orlando get laid, people.

ETA: I can't believe I have to say this *eyes a certain someone - you know who you are, missy - very sternly* ORLANDO WILL NOT FUCK SEAN.

I'm serious. You traumatized him with the suggestion alone. He SAYS it's because he's had bad seafood in the canteen and - oh look, now he went and threw up in the trashbin. And now SEAN is offended as well. - Look what you have done, will you?

(Meanwhile, _I_ am still weeping over the fact that this verse accidentally became Orlibeanophobe (which is totally a word, shut up.)
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Aaron and Liv, being judgmental :)



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