May. 31st, 2017

Fic: Four

May. 31st, 2017 08:36 pm
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I can't remember who of you asked for this a while back, but here it is :). Anyway, whoever it was, Orlando would like me to tell you that he hates you for forcing this upon him.

May, 31st – Four )

JC Meta 3

May. 31st, 2017 09:00 pm
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Sooo, after posting the bit about Viggo's house yesterday, I thought a bit more about JC's structure, and I'm just gonna share all the new bits and pieces that came about since the last "meta":

First of, I think we now have heads of house for all six houses; some of them are mentioned as such in the stories, some are just hinted at, some (the ones with *) are just something that I think will fit and hence will probably pop up at some point in the future. The heads of house are:

1) Orlando
2) Sean
3) Viggo (Eric living in a second flat in the same house that previously belonged to Ian Holm)
4) John Rhys-Davies*
5) Kiele Sanchez (who is married to Matt Passmore because I steal everything from TV and loved their dynamics on "The Glades")*
6) Emma Thompson*

Second of, [personal profile] gattodoro made some excellent suggestions regarding the 'Pony' and Bernard's house

Thirdly, what [profile] ishmael51 said about the main building's common room is now canon as well: "It has oak panelling and a couple of green chesterfields. And those wonderful window seats."

And last but not least (though it has nothing to do with meta or houses): As of today, I've written a JC fic for EVERY day over the last six months with a total word count of about 90k. I am a bit absurdly pleased with that and spent five wasted minutes on doing this:

Crest mug

:). So let me just say that it makes me so happy to write here every day and I am just so beyond grateful that you're sharing this verse with me <3


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