May. 24th, 2017

JC Meta 2

May. 24th, 2017 12:22 pm
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Guys, guys, guys, I am so excited that you replied to my last (decidedly rambly) meta about the school layout, and instead / before I reply to each of you individually, I'll sum up what you said and what I think and then we can pretty much give this to an architect and build JC, yeah :)?

So, first of, I think the one thing I had in mind all the while was that the building(s) were mostly Edwardian, which is due to Kittylass on LJ making cover art for this AU AGES ago, using a building like that as backdrop:

And like Noa, I picture a the main building with wings as the "core" of the school as well. (Curiously, in my head that shifts around, though because when I think of the front entrance - like in that bit when Gerry and West came back from their winter holidays and Orlando and Sean nearly ran them over with their Christmas tree - the wings are facing away from the main entrance rather than framing it, if that makes sense). There is a great entrance hall with enough room for a huge Christmas tree and staircases leading left and right. The library that Orlando is so fond of is on the ground floor, left from the staircase. Most of the classrooms are in there, Eric's for instance which is on the ground floor and has rose bushes in front of the windows. Sean's is on an upper floor - Vig and Eric once carried Sean's motorbike up multiple flights of stairs to dump it in his classroom. The stairs themselves are seriously weirder than in Hogwarts, and I have no idea what leads where even though it SHOULD be easy because it's not like a "U" shaped building is that difficult to suss out. But anyway, they are mostly really broad wooden staircases with banisters made out of iron. And like [profile] bluegerl, I picture the walls in various shades of beige (because it hides dirt) and with some of the least practical iron heaters attached to them.

Possibly because the number of pupils rising meant that they had to add more teaching buildings over the years (it has NOTHING to do with my narrative being all over the place ;)), there are several additional school buildings, like the one where Johnny's drama classes take place in. That - and the auditorium - looks like the auditorium in the grammar school I went to as a kid, so you're all treated to the questionable aesthetics of German post war architecture ;). (Also, sidenote, my old school had the auditorium on the second floor and underneath that was the gym. Seriously, 1950s people?). Aside from the Drama Building which you can just about see from Viggo's and Eric's classroom, there is the Science building which must've been added in the 1970s because I have a very weird 70s architecture image in my head. Within reach of that is the bench where the teachers who smoke like to go for a fag. Also, there is the Human Sciences building which also has most of the common rooms used by pupils on breaks.

As for where the teachers live - after finally doing some research on British boarding schools in February or something (Yeah, Nobel prize for realistic depiction of life for me there - hey, I grew up with "Die Jungens von Burg Schreckenstein", a German kids book about a boarding school set on a castle that had no heating and a torture chamber as a common room, so give me a break :)), I figured that they can't actually all live in the same building where the classrooms are situated. It's a bit inconvenient, however, that before that my mind had already placed Sean's flat pretty much right in the middle of the classrooms and a couple of the pupils' bedrooms somewhere in the attic :). I'm still negotiating with Sean to move out of there ;). Anyway, considering that the school I have in mind has definitely more than 600 pupils (otherwise they wouldn't need as many teachers), and more than half of them are boarders, there should be about six "houses", which by now I picture as actually seperate houses. Kind of like this seriously posh real school. I happily ignore the fact that no same person would put boys and girls in the same houses and opt for co-education (and -habitation) all the way).

So, Sean and I agreed on the compromise that he now lives in his own house which LOOKS like it has classrooms in it, so it's probably the biggest one ;). It's also within shouting distance of the bit of lawn that Viggo and Eric like to use for camping-chair-and-beer-star-gazing sessions like this one.

Viggo's house must be a bit weird because it has two seperate flats in it (at least) - one is Viggo's and one (after Ian Holm retired) is Eric's. And [personal profile] noalinnea's description of them is pretty much how I picture them as well - most of them arranged around a giant couch. Except possibly for Orlando's whose flat has been taken over by books.

Orlando returned to JC in 2003 (as you can read here) and became head of house after someone retired after that.

That leaves at least three more houses, one of which is now Miranda's because [personal profile] noalinnea decided so :). (I am very open to suggestions as to how to fill the remaining positions btw :))

There are some teachers living on school grounds even though they aren't heads of houses - definitely Gerry and Eric for instance - and they probably live in the main building (great, now I have Sean grumbling that it's not fair that HE had to move out :)).

The school grounds - it's a bit "hill-y", so there can be sleigh riding and just general tumbling down hills, and there is a lot of lawn between the houses. The entire school is adjacent to a pretty big patch of woodland and to the village. There is a pond on school grounds (the one where Bernard repeatedly got marooned on, and the one where Sean and Viggo liked to hang out in the 1990s, like in this story), there is a football pitch and a cricket pitch at least.

The village is a seriously clichéd Yorkshire village and could possibly pass as an enlarged carbon copy of Emmerdale when it comes to looks because I am a lazy person :). It must be quite a bit bigger than that, though, because it has a Lidl AND a Tesco, at least within short driving distance, and the village itself is about a ten minute (30 if you go through the forest) walk from the school. The teachers' pub, as you know, is "The Prancing Pony" which once again is every bit the proof of my laziness as researcher cliché of a pub.
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Btw, since I mentioned it yesterday, look what I found in my files :):

Now, brain, THAT is neat management of locations. Can you please provide something like that for JC now as well?


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