May. 23rd, 2017

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You know what's funny? Usually, I have a very, VERY clear 3D layout of places in my head when I write a story - usually right after the first paragraph. And it's so vivid that I can tell you years, even decades later after reading (let alone writing) a story what the layout of a place is like in my head, where the furniture stands, what colour the walls are and where the windows are situated.

Like, for "Sport of Kings" I could draw you a detailled map of not only the entire stable yard but of every room in Sean's house. I could probably even tell you what's in his drawers.

But curiously, it's not the same with JC. Yes, I have a pretty clear picture of Sean's flat in my head and of Eric's for some reason, and I also know what Viggo's couch looks like and where his bathroom is (don't ask me, I have no idea why that is), but as for the school grounds? Aside from the front drive way, they are worse than Hogwarts' moving staircase, always kind of shifting around, haha.

So, I thought of something :). Since my brain, when I read a story, automatically layouts the place (I have a detailled map of, say, the whole world of "The Black Stallion" in my head from when I read it when I was 10), I was wondering whether it is the same for you guys as well? And if so, I would LOVE to hear all about it (hey, you can even draw me a map :))!!

Do you have particular images in your head when thinking of Viggo's flat? Of the common rooms? Do you picture different school buildings and if so, where are they situated? What do the buildings look like?



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