Fic: Howdy

Aug. 15th, 2017 01:15 am
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This is what happens when I spend the afternoon mending fences (literally, not metaphorically) in the sun and then chat with [personal profile] noalinnea who is not only a horrible enabler but also responsible for Orlando’s Native American name. Also, I urge you all to “fill in the gaps” and provide me with suggestions as to the rest of JC’s names. - Also, because I keep postponing this, I shall now hereby promise to write Eric and Viggo tomorrow. You all heard me.

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Fic: Spell

Aug. 13th, 2017 12:29 am
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I am not entirely sure what is happening in the Czech Republic either. I am waiting for your guesses :). All I can say is that this may or may not have been inspired by hilarious spam comment I got on LJ the other day. And yes, I took the liberty of also replying to it in detail. I'm sure you all appreciate this.

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Fic: Whale

Aug. 11th, 2017 09:39 pm
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I cannot be blamed for this one. It is Bernard's fault.

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Fic: Nine

Aug. 9th, 2017 09:04 pm
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Aaand the correct answer for yesterday's extremely hard quiz is: Orlando, Karl, Orlando, Beth/Karl, Orlando, Sean, Karl, Karl. I think :).

And since you're all pretty awesome at guessing, I ask you all to continue the following list (brought to you by the questionable prompts of a BFF who clearly had too much sun), so we have 9+8 things on August, 9th :).

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Fic: Eight

Aug. 8th, 2017 11:42 pm
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I'll let you guess who packs what :).
August, 8th - Eight )
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Two Gerry stories in a row is possibly a clear sign of me getting to much sun atm, y/n?

Sunday, August 6th is a day that Gerry spends largely afraid of West. Yes, that is not an error the omniscient narrator made here - Gerry is afraid of West, not the other way around. Not that there are plenty of occasions during which West hasn’t been afraid (or the West equivalent of it which possibly is more in the neighborhood of ‘mildly baffled’ than the wasteland of ‘utterly petrified’) of Gerry. Numerous of them instantly spring to mind, like that one time where West found Gerry in his bed (not during the time he made the error of judgement to live in JC, but in his previous flat that accidentally burned down) whilst wearing what West thinks must have been a giant peacock costume. Or that time Gerry trapped West in his lab to hold a 45 minutes speech about that fish in the Amazon river that swims up your urinary tract when you pee. Or pretty much every time Gerry refers to West as his best mate, which is accurate, yes, but that doesn’t make it less scary. Well, for both parties involved, probably.


So, Sunday, August 6th. Gerry spends the majority of the day sitting next to West and looking at him like one looks at a wild animal in the zoo that is doing funny things, like giant Gorillas who poke worms out of specially prepared watermelons. Silverback West took Gerry with him to visit his family of four teenage gorillas and two ex-girlfriends who not only are best friends but also have the same first name. So, Gerry sits in the giant living room of Sheryl (No 1, Gerry thinks, her daughters look older than the other two), around her giant table with all the other gorillas and there are stacks and stacks of papers, leaflets and whathaveyou spread out on the table.

Gerry watches in amazement how all seven Wests cut out coupons for discounts - buy three shampoos, get one free, 15% off dairy products, save 5 $ - and sort them in neat stacks whilst noting them down on very complicated looking charts. Gerry himself has been sidebarred by West Jr, the youngest (about five, Gerry reckons, but already with the no-nonsense-look of her biological dad) and demoted to a mere spectator status because ‘oh my God, you’re doing it wrong, give me your scissors right now’.

So, Gerry watches. And really, it’s exactly how Dian Fossey must’ve felt in the jungle.
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This is for [personal profile] gattodoro who has an unhealthy interest in the relationship of Betty and West. Just saying. And also, Betty approves of your Westcoast joke, just fyi. He will use it for the remainder of his ENTIRE holiday. West, on the other hand, doesn't like you very much anymore. Might want to check your car for explosives in the next couple of days.

August, 5th - Trekkie )
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Supershort today. Outside = sunset + mosquitos, Caro = distracted :)

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Fic: Tiger

Jul. 30th, 2017 09:48 pm
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I'm sorry for the absolute quality content of this. I blame too much sun and the BFF's inability to give decent prompt :).

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